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Oliver Heritage Issue #97 - Digital Copy

Oliver Heritage Issue #97 - Digital Copy

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Oliver Heritage Issue #97 - June/July 2020 - Digital Copy

Now available for digital download ONLY. 

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  • FEATURING: The Oliver 430 - Oliver's Transition Combine. The first combines to wear the Oliver colors out of the newly acquired Brantford plant were the Oliver 430 and 431. They were Cockshutt designed and built but wore the Oliver badge. Combine owner: Tim Wilhelmi - Martinton, IL.
  • Oliver Wrenches: The Tool of Choice. On many pieces of Oliver equipment, a wrench was included. We have compiled an extensive list of Oliver wrenches. Keep in mind, there may be more, but these we know for sure.
  • "Think! Talk! Test!" - The Slogan for 1941. The January 1941 Olivergram stated: "The THINK-TALK-TEST idea is not merely a slogan you will see in our advertising copy for 1941. It is an idea all of us are applying to our everyday work and to the sales objectives we have set for ourselves his year."
  • Cletrac Facts: C.W. Watson & Sons, Inc. - A Multi-Generation Cletrac Dealer Makes Good in the Granite State, Part 1. 
  • Owen Aakre: Acres of Opportunity. An Oliver 77 restoration story.
  • Welcome to the Duske Dairy Farm! "We are lucky we're a close-knit family operation. We'll just keep that pencil sharp and those old Olivers and Whites running."
  • Another Oliver User: Dan Hunz - Waverly, MN.

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