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3-Point Ink, LLC is a publishing company based in Greenville, Illinois that specializes in agricultural publications. The company has of a large network of writers, machinery and brand experts, and access to an extensive collection of informative ag literature. The current CEO and editor is known Oliver expert, Sherry Schaefer. 3-Point Ink publishes two bi-monthly magazines: Oliver Heritage Magazine and Heritage Iron Magazine, in addition to several books and a line of prints known as "The Beautiful Hands of a Farmer" and "The Beautiful Hands of a Farmer's Wife" to benefit the nonprofit organization Farm Rescue. 3-Point Ink has also partnered with Farm Journal to produce a blog on the AGWEB.com. The blog can be found here: http://www.agweb.com/blog/heritage_iron/.


The staff of 3-Point Ink is located diversely accross the United States. Their offices can be found in Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio. The articles in the magazines are written by both the editor and carefully chosen
freelance writers. Occasionally, stories even come from the readers. 3-Point Ink puts th
e readers first and the staff attempts to answer all fan mail. Feedback is processed and used to produce stories directly requested by the readers. Here at 3-Point Ink, we know tractors are not just pieces of machinery, but a part of people's families and heritage, and we keep that in mind with every publication we put our name on.

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Please take a minute to fill out a dealership questionnaire for us. Here at 3-Point Ink, we don't like to see old dealerships fading away and being forgotten. If you lived by a dealership or know about a dealership, tell us about it! We take information, pictures, memories, etc. and we will add it to our database!

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