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Oliver Heritage Issue #90 - Digital Copy

Oliver Heritage Issue #90 - Digital Copy

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Oliver Heritage Issue #90 April/May 2019 - Digital Copy

Now available for digital download ONLY. 

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  • FEATURING: Oliver HG-31. Introduced in March of 1939, the Hercules-powered HG was offered in 68" and 42" widths only. The tractor was so successful and popular that its production continued through 1951, making it the longest production model in the crawler line. Feature tractor owner: Alan Stroebel - Saginaw, MI.
  • Pulling with the Patridges: An 880 fueled by three generations of Oilver pride. "Our Oliver story starts with my grandfather." What began as a small, tinker project for the beloved patriarch of this Southern Maine family turned into a heartfelt tribute nearly a decade later.  
  • Oliver-Cletrac in Asia and the Middle East, Part 1. While the numbers of tractors and equipment sold were far behind in comparison with other parts of the world, Oliver still left a mark in a very positive way. Read about Oliver-Cletrac in Russia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Japan, Phillippine Islands, Egypt, and Vietnam. 
  • Oliver's Power-Booster Drive: 770/880 Powershift. More power was the chant when the country was heading into the 1960s. The problem at hand was getting the power to the ground at the speeds they needed, but Oliver thought they had the solution when they introduced the Power Booster Drive.
  • Oliver Connections: Neighbors gather at Chuck Dotseth's farm shop. 
  • Garman's Oliver Treasure Trove: Farm Equipment Models Galore. 
  • Another Oliver User: Ron Felt's Repair - Princeton, MN.
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