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Oliver Heritage Issue #81

Oliver Heritage Issue #81

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Oliver Heritage Issue #81 Oct/Nov 2017

  • FEATURING: The Oliver 99 - High Compression for Big Acres. While primitive by later standards, the 99 was truly the muscle tractor of its time. With a whopping 443-CID, the 99 was putting out 52 horsepower under a full load in second gear, per Nebraska test #451. Feature tractor owner: Lynn Johnson - Elkhart, IL.
  • Oliver Power-Loader: Built for a short time and in very limited quantities, the Oliver Power-Loader is definitely a desirable machine and a classic. Unfortunately, many have already gone to that boneyard in the sky without anyone realizing the importance of this machine.
  • Cletrac Facts: The Cletrac Export Division, Part 2. By 1930, the United States was being dragged down under the weight of the Great Depression. Fortunately, The Cleveland Tractor Company was such a diversified organization with sales in a wide range of industries worldwide.  
  • Pictures from the Past: Shows... Turning Back the Clock. 
  • Another Oliver User: Bob and Joanne Ulwelling - Rose Creek, MN.
  • Farm Pickers: Oliver Style - The Farmstead of Mary and Lucian Jordan.
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