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Oliver Heritage Issue #73

Oliver Heritage Issue #73

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Oliver Heritage Issue #73 June/July 2016

  • FEATURING: Oliver 500. In 1958, Oliver introduced the three-digit series tractors ranging from the little 440 to the mighty 990. Just a year later, the Oliver Corporation did something they had never done; they approached an outside source to supply them with tractors. Feature tractor owner: Jim Irwin - Paisley, Ontario, Canada.
  • Seats: Real or Reproduction? One of the popular farm collectibles today is the cast iron seat. With the popularity of buying online, a person assumes a greater risk of getting taken. This article will help you tell the difference between an original and a knockoff. 
  • Ask the Oliver Mechanic: Question and answer with Larry Harsin.
  • Oliver Rotary Tiller: Mystery Solved. We received an email from the company that STILL manufactures that piece of equipment and learned a little bit more about the history, which may surprise you. 
  •  Another Oliver User: John and Joel TeBrake. 
  • Cletrac Facts: Cletrac Model W - The Last of the Original Ones. To the casual observer, the Cletrac Model H and Model W appear to be the same machines. While they are very similar, there were a number of small differences. The biggest and most noticeable being...
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