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Oliver Heritage Issue #49

Oliver Heritage Issue #49

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Oliver Heritage Issue #49 June/July 2012

  • FEATURING: Oliver 66 on Stilts. Both the Ag and Industrial Divisions of Oliver offered unique and sometimes customized models in an effort to give the customer exactly what they wanted. The tractor in this story is one of those unique examples. Feature tractor owner: Dave Lulich - Lyndon Station, WI.
  • White 4-80-17: Not Industrial Yellow Anymore. By 1972, White was really pushing their construction line and also introduced the 2-80-17 and 4-80-17.
  • The 900 and the LaPlant Choate Scraper - A New Toy! The Industrial Division of Oliver came out with numerous units available for specific applications. A lot of those were never really publicly promoted. Prior to Be-Ge eventually becoming a company under the Oliver flag, there was a company by the name of LaPlant Choate offering earthmoving equipment. 
  • Cletrac Facts: Cletrac Models 80-60 and 80 - Power in a Greater Range. The fearsome gap between the Model 40 and 100 had been bridged. 
  • White Motor Corp: A New Shade of Green. The establishment of a manufacturing alliance between White-New Idea and the newly formed Deutz-Allis Corporation would write new chapters in the White story of growth and unprecedented global expansion for the next three decades. 
  • Ask the Oliver Mechanic: Question and answer with Larry Harsin.
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