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Oliver Heritage Issue #41

Oliver Heritage Issue #41

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Oliver Heritage Issue #41 Feb/Mar 2011

  • FEATURING: The Three Beauties... Before the Beast. The Oliver 66/77/88  were a definite shot in the arm for Oliver. Not only did they have snap, versatility, and power, but their style definitely proved that even 60+ years later, they are still the "Three Beauties." Feature tractors owned by: Craig Montgomery - Monroe, WI.
  • Super 55: Allied Equipment - A Superb Match. Shortline companies have always played a large role in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment. Read about ARPS, Shawnee Manufacturing, The Henry Manufacturing Company, Wagner, Danuser Machine, and others who provided tools for the Super 55. 
  • Cletrac Facts: The Oliver OC-6, another member of the Fleetline Family. In 1953, Oliver created a new variation of Fleetline family when a crawler model was introduced. Based on the Oliver 77, it would be known as the OC-6 and was a replacement for the Cletrac Model E.
  • White Motor Corp: The Turbulent 1980s. The 1980 agricultural recession brought about a screeching halt to growth and advancements that were taking place at the White Motor farm equipment division. 
  • Ask the Oliver Mechanic: Question and answer with Larry Harsin.
  • Collector's Corner: The Oliver Shield, Volume XIII.
  • Oliver Green: Exclusive Equipment and Treasured Toys. Bob Bergefurd is committed to "green" farm tractors and equipment, providing it's Oliver green. 
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