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Oliver Heritage Issue #28 - Digital Copy

Oliver Heritage Issue #28 - Digital Copy

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Oliver Heritage Issue #28 Dec/Jan 2009 - Digital Copy

Now available for digital download ONLY. 

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  • El Toro! The Bull. Most collectors think that if a tractor has Terra Tires on it, that makes it an El Toro model. However, that is not the case...
  • Oliver 770 and 880: Hydraguide Steering Gear Rebuild. These two models have unique "integral" power steering. 
  • The Oliverettes: The Oliver Farm Equipment Company was always looking for a way to attract attention to their products. Whether it was a purple tractor, a crawler than ran over eggs without breaking them, or a tractor driving through a parade with no operator, there was always a gimmick. Tryouts began in the summer of 1959 to select ten women to be given the honor of "tractor performers."
  • The End of the Oliver Baler Line: The Model 50 baler was an all-new baler designed for the individual farmer who wanted to be indepenent from the custom baler. It was an economical baler that only took one man to operate, and that was the tractor driver. This baler was revolutionary compared to previous balers. Also including the Model 60, Model 62-T, 62-W, and others.
  • Cletrac Facts: The General, aka the GG - Cletrac's last wheel tractors and its successors. As many of you know, Cletrac was known for their reliable crawler tractors. Rollin H. White was a progressive thinker and constantly sought for ways to carefully diversify his company. 
  • The NOS 1550: A new old stock part is a brand new, original part that has been sitting on the shelf most of its life. How would you like to find a tractor like that?
  • Ask the Oliver Mechanic: Question and answer with Larry Harsin.
  • Collector's Corner: The Oliver Shield - For the Oliver Dealer, a continuation from the two previous issues. 
  • Dave's Olivers: Dave Fleming of Carthage, IL.
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