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3 Point Ink LLC (Heritage Iron/Oliver Heritage)

Oliver Heritage Issue #11 - Digital Copy

Oliver Heritage Issue #11 - Digital Copy

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Oliver Heritage Issue #11 Feb/Mar 2006 - Digital Copy

Now available for digital download ONLY. 

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  • White Makes Might: Mighty Tow. While Oliver is known for their Agricultural line of equipment, the company has also been in the Industrial tractor business since the late-1930s. 
  • Pieces and Parts: Oliver tractors were not 100% Oliver-built. While many of the components unique to a mode were built in Charles City, many were supplied by different manufacturers.  
  • Collector's Corner: Oliver ID - decals and logos.
  • Sam's Tales: A continution of an interview with Sam White, Jr.
  • The Sattley Plow Company: The story goes back to the early-1800s when Archibald and Robert Sattley migrated west from their homes in Vergennes, Vermont. Curious about the Oliver connection? Read the article to find out more.
  • A 3rd Generation Super 77: A piece of family history restored by Allen Kleinfelter. 
  • Oliver in Northern Italy: A reprint from Oliver Shield, Fall 1952.
  • Curator's Corner with Todd Stockwell: Research strategies and identifying a few potential archival sources for agricultural mechanization.
  • Cletrac Facts: Cletrac 1940 to 1950 During War & Transition. Including the A, B, and D Series.
  • How to Build a Custom Toy: 1850 FWA, by Dennis Elliott.
  • Ask the Oliver Mechanic: Question and answer with Larry Harsin.
  • Feature Dealer: Zehr Farm Supply - El Paso, IL.
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