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Oliver Heritage Issue #104 - Digital Copy

Oliver Heritage Issue #104 - Digital Copy

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liver Heritage Issue #104 Aug/Sept 2021 - Digital Copy

Now available for digital download ONLY. 

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  • FEATURING: White 2-60 Mudder. Out with the old and in with the new. It was 1976 and the familiar Meadow Green tractor line was making its last run down the floor of the Charles City plant. They said they were up to something, and they weren’t kidding. Enter the Argent Silver tractor line consisting of tractors from 50 to 150 horsepower. One of those models was the 2-60. Feature tractor owner: Ken Guile - Davison, MI.
  • Oliver Power-Paks: This Is How We Roll! In the world of Oliver, power-paks have been around since the 1930s. If you really want to look back, you could say that Hart-Parr’s first unit was a power-pak of sorts. But by the latter-1950s, power-paks as we know them now, were becoming quite the norm with industrial manufacturers looking for an easy way to propel their implements.
  • Self-Service Shopping: A Sign of the Times. In 1969, Oliver sent out a bulletin to all dealers - “Oliver Self-Service Center.”   Oliver was pushing a new display that would allow the customer to make his own decision while waiting in line for service or parts that are specific to a certain model or that would require the assistance of the parts man.
  • Hart-Parr Highlights: Certified Horsepower Before It Was a Thing. We’re all familiar with the term “certified horsepower,” but 50 years before the Oliver Corporation started putting a sticker on their tractors, Hart-Parr was certifying tractors in their own way.
  • Collector's Corner: Mighty Mini 99. Mike Beauprez started brainstorming the idea of a scaled-down Model 99 with his son, Shawn, and friend, Jeff Wagner. As with any project of this magnitude, unexpected challenges arise.
  • Cletrac Facts: Unusual Cletrac Applications. The Cleveland Tractor Company felt their dealers should be free to choose what allied equipment they would sell that best fit their customer base or locality. By the 1930s, Cletrac started to promote certain pieces of equipment, which most likely enhanced tractor performance for their customer.
  • Another Oliver User: Darren Fisher. “I’ve always dreamed of owning one of these,” said Darren Fisher of Wright County, Minnesota. Standing in his shop was a 1974 Oliver 2255 with its Cat 3208 V-8 diesel engine bulging out each side of the massive cast iron frame. Still in its work clothes and outfitted with a factory Crenlo ROPS cab, the Meadow Green and Clover White 47-year-old brute still looks like a force to be reckoned with.
  • Janikula Farms - Waverly, MN. We survived the farm crisis of the 1980s, followed by the drought of 1988, low commodity prices and spiraling equipment, seed and input costs. Now our sons and grandson are taking over and they need to adapt to these changing times in their own way.
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