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Oliver Heritage Issue #08 - Digital Copy

Oliver Heritage Issue #08 - Digital Copy

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Oliver Heritage Issue #08 Jul/Aug - Digital Copy

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  • Hart-Parr Finances Their Own Tractors: In 1920, and in conjunction with certain banking institutions, Hart-Parr announced that the company was ready to finance all sales of HP tractors whenever the local dealer or farming customer needed an extension of credit.
  • Cletrac Facts: Cletrac Beginnings, Rollin H. White - Founder of Cletrac. Behind every successful venture there is an interesting beginning. 
  • Sam W. White, Jr. Who is Sam White, Jr? If you've ever been to a "Growing O" show or been involved with Oliver as a dealer, you're sure to have encountered Same White at one time or another. 
  • Build It and They Will Come: The American Farm Heritage Museum in Greenville, IL. 
  • The All-American 70. Paul Thomas of Taylorville, IL, comes from a long line of Oliver users. A few years back, he purchased an Oliver 70 at an auction and wanted to do something different with it. He calls his creation, "A Tribute to the American Farmer."
    • Ask the Oliver Mechanic: Question and answer with Larry Harsin.
    • Curator's Corner by Todd Stockwell, Curator or Agriculture, Industry, and Technology at the Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis.
    • Collector's Corner: Salesman Sample Plow.
    • Oliver's Clip-Cut Mower: Giving you everything you want in a mower. Seventy years ago, Oliver introduced what they marketed as the "First Really New Mower in 75 Years." After two years of testing, the new Oliver Clip-Cut Mower was about to challenge the treacherous, noisy chore of mowing into a Sunday drive.
    • Feature Dealer: Sharp Brothers Implement - Indianapolis, IN.
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