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Oliver Heritage Issue #06 - Digital Copy

Oliver Heritage Issue #06 - Digital Copy

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Oliver Heritage Issue #06 Mar/Apr 2005 - Digital Copy

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  • FEATURING: Oliver 80 Industrial. While Oliver was better known for its Agricultural line, their Industrial models have a place in the history books, too. The Model 80 Indistrial is one of those that has little published information about it. 
  • The New Field Boss: White 4-150. Introduction to dealers took place in 1973, but full production wasn't to start until 1974. 
  • Cletrac Facts: When snow falls, very few pieces of equipment rival the surefootedness of a crawler tractor for snow removal. Let me share with you a few learning experiences that we have had over time. 
  • Collector's Corner: Oliver's Full Line Catalogs.
  • The First Tractor Pulls? All through the history of tractors, the  main question would be, "How much can it pull?" or "What can it pull?" In Nebraska, that question had to be answered before a tractor could be sold in that state. These tests became the basis for model comparisons of all the tractors being made to this day.
  • Early Oliver Road Building Equipment: Oliver Pavement Plow No. 25; Oliver Grading Plow No. 24, Oliver No. 2 Subsoiler, ditchers, and more; Oliver 107, Oliver 207, and more.
  • Oliver Hay Rakes: One hundred years ago, the dump rake was a modern piece of farm equipment. Today, they are simply yard ornaments adorning many a flower garden.
  • Made in Japan, Built by Oliver: New Leaders for a New Japan. Reprinted from Oliver Shield, Summer 1952.
  • Curator's Corner: Draft Animals in Oliver Advertising, by Todd Stockwell, Curator or Agriculture, Industry, and Technology at the Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis.
  • Feature Dealer: Hap Young & Sons - Yellow Springs, OH.
  • Ask the Oliver Mechanic: Question and answer with Larry Harsin.
  • The Oliver Brothers, by Ed Tabor: Driving Miss Oliver.
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