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Heritage Iron Issue #77

Heritage Iron Issue #77

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Heritage Iron Issue #77 - Sept/Oct 2021

  • FEATURING: Case 1200 Traction King, Steering into the 4WD Industry. After only six short months, four prototypes (now designated 1200 TK) were released in January 1964. Feature tractor owners: Zachary Family - Ottawa, IL.
  • Rust and Pearson Picker: Meet the pioneers of the mechanical picker and the father of  modern archery. There's not a person reading this story who hasn't heard of IH or JD. Unless you are in the cotton belt, Rust or Pearson likely aren't names you're familiar with, but they played a large role in the development on the mechanical picker.
  • From the History Vault: What was happening 40, 50, and 60 years ago in the tractor industry? Read these tidbits of history straight from Sherry Schaefer's personal literature collection.
  • Amish Country Tractor Cruise: A Convoy of Agricultural History. An annual Father's Day weekend tractor cruise held in Central Illinois hosted nearly 150 tractors.
  • A4T: A Horse of Many Colors. It was a race into production for a tractor originally known as "The Maverick Project." Designed by one company, it soon took on the color of several brands. 
  • Mini Muscle: Tom Steffensmeier's Wall to Wall Collection. 
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