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Heritage Iron Issue #70

Heritage Iron Issue #70

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Heritage Iron Issue #70 July/Aug 2020

  • Case 2670: Answering the farmer's call for BIGGER horsepower. By the mid-1960s, the horsepower race amongst tractor manufacturers  had turned a major corner. Everyone had broken the 100-horsepower barrier with a factory made tractor. In doing this they created a new hurdle - traction. Case decided to look to its industrial division for assistance in building a true 4WD. Feature tractor owner: Dwayne Wenninger - Georgetown, OH.
  • Jerome Knudson's Unique Tractor. The story of the Knudson farm tractors starts with the inventor, Jerome Knudson, and his ranch hear Crosby, North Dakota, where rolling hills created problems in large-scale farming. At his shop in 1967 and at the ripe age of 23, he developed his own tractor with crab-steering, plus 4WD suited to farm the hillsides of his home state.
  • IH 1586: Big MUSCLE in the Pro-Ag Line. International Harvester's new 86 series, called the Pro-Ag line of tractors, was topped off with the 160 PTO/140 DB model 1586 - the most powerful row crop tractor the company had built to date.
  • Deutz D 100 06: Relatively new to the North American market, Deutz 06 series tractors were just a little bit ahead of their time. Tractor owners: Jerome and Amy Vanderlinde - St. Bonifacius, MN.
  • Machinery Milestones: The tractor scene from 40, 50, and 60 years ago.
  • Mini Muscle: Don Kelley's Green Scene.
  • Farm Horsepower in 1970: Adding It Up. The year was 1970. Horsepower was on the rise in states all across the country. But this was just a prelude to the jump in power that would happen over the next decade. Lets look at the numbers from the following nine manufacturers: AC, David Brown, Case, Deere, Deutz, Ford, IH, MF, MM, and Oliver.
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