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3 Point Ink LLC (Heritage Iron/Oliver Heritage)

Heritage Iron Issue #59 - Digital Copy

Heritage Iron Issue #59 - Digital Copy

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Heritage Iron Issue #59 Sept/Oct 2018 - Digital Copy

Now available for digital download ONLY. 

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  • Featuring: John Deere 4455. The John Deere 4455 was the third tractor in the six-model 55 series lineup and was produced from 1988 to 1992. Feature tractor owner: Randy Wolfe - Floyds Knobs, IN.
  • Small Town, BIG Plows: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Alvordton, Ohio, was first put on the map in 1881 when the railroad passed through. While the population is just over 300 people, the small town remains an active community as shown by the Alvordton-Millcreek Volunteer Fire Department's Chicken Dinner/Plow Day held each year. 
  • New Idea Uni-System: Multiple Machines in One. New 708 and 709 Power Units and attachments broke new ground for New Idea Company's Uni-System line-up.
  • Mini Muscle: Charlie Walker's Farmall Model Toy Tractors.
  • Museums: The Lewis Round Barn Museum.
  • Machinery Milestones: The tractor scene from 30, 40, and 50 years ago.
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