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3 Point Ink LLC (Heritage Iron/Oliver Heritage)

Heritage Iron Issue #27 - Digital Copy

Heritage Iron Issue #27 - Digital Copy

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Heritage Iron Issue #27 May/June 2013 - Digital Copy

Now available for digital download ONLY. 

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  • FEATURING: Versatile 700, Triple Nickel Power. The Versatile Company out of Winnipeg Manitoba was incorporated in 1963 as a public company with focus on farm equipment. Through several different ownerships, the company and name are still part of the agricultural landscape. Feature tractor owner: George Schaaf - Frankfort, IL.
  • International Harvester 1440 Axial-Flow Combine. Virtually everything on this new machine was thoroughly examined and re-examined to make it adapt to the many hundreds of different crops it would be required to harvest. Combine owner: Bryan Weaver - Galveston, IN.
  • Around the Drawbar: I Wanna Be a Cowboy?
  • Machinery Milestones: The tractor scene from 30, 40, and 50 years ago.
  • Cockshutt's 1970 Big Red Lineup: Cockshutt was a proud line of equipment with over 100 years of history supplying Canadian farmers with tools to till, sow, and harvest the land. Cockshutt 1855, 2150, 2655, 545 combine, and more.
  • Body Work 101, Part 3: Wheels. 
  • The Trend Toward Specialization: Our Heritage Iron Played Its Part. Specialization in agriculture has taken over in ways that at one time were even hard to imagine. 
  • Museums: Gerald Zacheis Tractor Museum - Sparta, IL. How cool is an old factory filled with Allis-Chalmers and other unique tractors?
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