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3 Point Ink LLC (Heritage Iron/Oliver Heritage)

Heritage Iron Issue #46 - Digital Copy

Heritage Iron Issue #46 - Digital Copy

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Heritage Iron Issue #46 July/Aug 2016 - Digital Copy

Now available for digital download ONLY. 

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  • FEATURING: International Harvester 1466 Black Stripe. The IH 66 series tractors were introduced in 1971, and after four years, they were nearing the end of their production. IH had a replacement series (86 series) in development, but it wasn't ready for market yet. IH needed a way to keep interest and sales in the 66 series, but how? The answer was to create a "new" look that gave a subtle hint about what was to come. Feature tractor owner: Joel Jakobs - Milledgeville, IL.
  • Raising Cane: Cameco Industries. Cane Machinery and Engineering Co., which eventually became Cameco Industries, was formed in 1965 by a group of investors. As the name implies, the company began building equipment for the sugar cane farmer.
  • Year-A-Round Corporation: More than a cab company. Although Year-A-Round is well-known for their cabs, it is just one of the many products they offered to the modern farmer.
  • Machinery Milestones: The tractor scene from 30, 40, and 50 years ago.
  • Allis-Chalmers Terra Tiger. Described by some as "six fat tires on a bathtub", the most popular ATVs of the late-1960s and early-1970s were often advertised as being a snowmobile, dune buggy, trail machine, and boat wrapped up in one. 
  • Mini Muscle: Pedal tractors galore on display at Chupp's bulk food store.
  • Museums: F&J Museum at the Baraboo Steam & Gas Grounds.
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