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A Guide to Allis-Chalmers Farm Tractors

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A Guide to Allis-Chalmers Farm Tractors For more than 80 years farmers and admirers have seen A-C farm tractors working in the fields. But field performance is just a fraction of the story of these venerable machines, as you will find out in this 120-page book by Norm Swinford. Settle into this photo-packed guide and you will follow all the models from 1914 to 1985. The fits and the starts, the headaches and the wrong turns, the strokes of genius and the engineering victories they are all here in this book. An especially interesting section of the book is called Tractor Performance and Testing. The serious collector will love the 11-page appendix with Nebraska results, paint colors, and serial numbers. A very unique section of the book is called Math Your Tractor Understands and covers the calculation of horsepower and other characteristics. Over 250 black-and-white photos.