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3 Point Ink LLC (Heritage Iron/Oliver Heritage)

Heritage Iron Issue #94

Heritage Iron Issue #94

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Heritage Iron Issue #94 July/August 2024

  • FEATURING: Steiger Panther CP-1325. The Panther 1000 Series was an all-new model from the ground up. While the Series II cats all had a 3-digit designation indicating engine horsepower, the 1000 models added a 1 in front of the designation. Sizes in the 1000 Series consisted of the 1325, 1360, and 1400. Feature tractor owner: Coffin Farms - Rantoul, IL.
  • Richardson Manufacturing: One piece of Richardson equipment that made a big splash on its release was an 11 Section ADflex Blade. It was offered with 5- or 6-foot blades covering a nearly 55- or 66-foot swath, and provided a match for many new four-wheel-drive tractors being released at the time.
  • Mower Mania: The early-1960s were like a reawakening in the farm equipment industry. Not only were farmers taking pride in their fields and farms, but the yard was coming into play. This spawned an entirely new division of equipment for tractor manufacturers around the country, including IH, John Deere, Ford, Minneapolis-Moline, Bush Hog, and others.
  • CASE's Rigid Frame Theory: CASE 2470. In 1972, the Case 2470 was added to Case’s four-wheel-drive line. While every other four-wheel-drive tractor on the market was articulating, Case remained true to their rigid frame theory.
  • History Vault: The Ag scene from 40, 50, and 60 years ago.
  • Mini Muscle: Bob King’s scale model farm equipment collection is a unique assemblage.
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