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Fighting For Food & Oliver Advertising - Book Bundle

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Feeding America During Warfare - Farming and Production During WWII
This 60-page compilation of machinery and production advertising done by our nation's leading tractor and implement manufacturers during WWII is a tribute to both our brave soldiers and the American farmer. International Harvester, John Deere, Massey-Harris, Oliver Farm Equipment, and more, were converting their plants to produce the materials and machines needed to assist in the defense of our country, while also marketing their ideas and solutions on how farmers could maximize machinery capabilities and improve yields to help America win the war. It was a fight for food on the homefront!

From Oliver’s highly successful chilled plows to outboards and checkerboards, the company’s targeted advertising played an undeniable role in their continuous growth, solidifying their place in Ag history. The advertisements you’ll enjoy throughout this book have been compiled from many sources and vintage publications during the era of agricultural progression when Oliver reigned as king for those in pursuit of cultivating the American dream.  60-page softbound book
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