Welcome to 3 Point Ink - Home of Oliver Heritage & Heritage Iron Magazines

Meet the Staff

Sherry Schaefer - Editor/Owner

I would like to think that I am the fuel pump that keeps every cylinder firing in this well-oiled machine.  As owner and editor of two magazines, I spend a lot of time in my mobile office visiting with the pioneers and people involved in the farm equipment industry. If you had told me ten years ago that I would own a publishing company, two magazines, and have a staff, I would have laughed at you! But I have been blessed with them all and can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing… except flying!


Ashley Heuerman - Office Manager

I grew up in a small town in south central Illinois. While I don’t personally know a lot about tractors, I did grow up around farming and definitely have a great appreciation and respect for the industry.  I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and then married my husband, Lucas, on a Colorado mountaintop.  We now have 2 beautiful little girls who keep us very busy. I work with Sherry in the Greenville office as the Office Manager.  If you call the office, I will usually be the one you’ll talk to first.  Some of my primary duties include handling customer service, subscription inquiries and data, merchandise orders, and shipping. I've learned a lot in the years that I've worked here and love how passionate our customers are about what we do. Our subscribers are the best! 


Christina Staff - Creative Director

What does the Creative Director do, you ask? What DON’T they do? Editorial assistance, social media management, video production, content coordination, marketing strategies, and that’s all before 10am! I enjoy my duties within the office, but getting out to tour those incredible tractor collections or work at trade shows is where I am most at home. For me, getting to know the faces and stories behind the tractors is second to none because without our loyal fan base, we couldn’t do what we do. I’m proud to be part of the team here at 3-Point Ink and look forward to meeting you at a show in the future! Or who knows, maybe we’ll be in your area one day and we’ll stop in to check out your tractor cave! 


Jason Dewitt - Designer

I have been a designer now for around 23 years. Realistically, I cannot imagine doing anything else. I love the challenges and the endless creative possibilities I have with a blank canvas and to create something that has never been seen before take shape. Unrealistically though, when I grow up I’d still like to be a Rock Star, but for now being a designer is a pretty good gig! I am passionate about what I do and I am one blessed guy!


Super T - Photographer

I photograph tractors and that's mostly all my camera is used for. I will meet up with the owner/collectors and we will try to come up  with ideas that would make for interesting or unique pictures. It's definitely a real joint effort. Without their enthusiastic help, I couldn't pull this off. Thanks to everyone involved who make it  happen!